Master of Architecture Program



Become a Master of Architecture study program with an insight into the tropical archipelago that has a global competitive advantage in the development and application of Architectural science and technology.


Organizing teaching and learning processes through the development of science and technology in the field of Architecture and the built environment, especially in the treasures of the archipelago's tropical islands (education).
Carry out research in the field of Architecture and environment that is useful and socialized in national and international ways (research).
Carry out community service in the fields of Architecture and the built environment that is beneficial (service).



  1. The Master of Architecture Study Program aims to produce graduates who:
  2. Having knowledge in Architecture with professional integrity and high personality.
  3. Having independent analytical skills.
  4. Able to work in the field of research and development, planning and design, implementation and supervision based on the concept of Architecture to support regional and national needs for experts;
  5. Have the ability to continue their studies to the Doctoral Program (S3).


  1. Having the ability to improve professional services through research in the development of the field of Architecture.
  2. Having the ability to approach in solving various problems of society by means of scientific reasoning, especially in architectural problems.
  3. Having a scientific culture that includes values, attitudes, habits, and commitment to scientific work, integrity, curiosity, tenacity, and perseverance.


No. Course Code Course Name Mandatory/Elective Credits
1 18D04210102 Philosophy of Science Mandatory 2
2 18D04210202 Research Methodology Mandatory 2
3 18D04210302 Statistic Mandatory 2
4 18D04210402 Proposal Seminar Mandatory 2
5 18D04210504 Results Seminar Mandatory 4
Expertise Support Elective Courses (MKPPK) 1
6 18D04210603 Architectural and Environmental Psychology Elective 3
7 18D04210703 Lighting Design and Simulation
8 18D04210803 Buildings Form and Structure
9 18D04210903 Revitalization of Slums and Housing
10 18D04211003 Architectural Design Studio
Expertise Support Elective Courses (MKPPK) 2
11 18D04211103 Sulawesi Ethnic Architecture Elective 3
12 18D04211203 Thermal Design and Simulation
13 18D04211303 Earthquake Resistant Building Design
14 18D04211403 Building Management, Environment and Public Space
15 18D04211503 Color Composition
Expertise Support Elective Courses (MKPPK) 3
16 18D04211603 Architectural Heritage and Saujana Islands Elective 3
17 18D04211703 Acoustic Design and Simulation
18 18D04211803 Simulation and Modeling of Structures
19 18D04211903 Traditional, Coastal and Islands Housing
20 18D04212003 Interior Studios
Expertise Support Elective Courses (MKPPK) 4
21 18D04212103 Paradigm, Theory and History of Architecture Elective 3
22 18D04212203 Climate, Energy and Environment
23 18D04212303 Advanced Construction Materials
24 18D04212403 Morphology of the Built Environment
25 18D04212503 Landscape Studios
26 18D04220105 Scientific Publication Mandatory 5
27 18D04220209 Thesis and Examination Mandatory 9
Total 38



1. Prof. Dr. Ir. H.M. Ramli Rahim, M.Eng. (Kyushu University, Japan)

2. Prof. Dr. Ir. Victor Sampebulu', M.Eng. (Kyushu University, Japan)

3. Prof. Baharuddin Hamzah, ST., M.Arch., Ph.D. (The University of Hong Kong)

4. Ir. Ria Wikantari, M.Arch., Ph.D. (Osaka University, Japan)

5. Dr.Eng. Nasruddin Junus, ST., MT. (Kyushu University, Japan)

6. Abdul Mufti Radja, ST., MT., Ph.D.* (Osaka University, Japan)

7. Dr.Eng. Rosady Mulyadi, ST., MT. (Nagoya University, Japan)

8. Afifah Harisah, ST., MT., Ph.D. (Kyushu University, Japan)

9. Dr.Eng. Asniawaty, ST., MT. (Oita University, Japan)

10. Dr. Ir. Idawarni Asmal, MT. (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, Indonesia)

11. Dr. Ir. Nurul Jamala, MT. (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)

12. Dr. Ir. Triyatni Martosenjoyo, MSi. (Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia)

13. Dr. H. Edward Syarif, ST., MT.* (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, Indonesia)

14. Dr. Mohammad Mochsen Sir, ST., MT.* (Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia)

15. Dr. Ir. Hartawan, MT.* (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)

16. Dr. Nurul Nadjmi, ST., MT. (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)

17. Dr. Ir. Syarif Beddu, MT. (Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia)

Note: *Faculty Staff Homebase as listed at PDDikti