Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Hasanuddin University was established on September 10, 1963 with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture dated September 10, 1963. Department of Architecture is the fifth of the six majors in the Faculty of Engineering Hasanuddin University.

At the time of the founding Department of Architecture has not had a permanent educational power. The Head of Department is held by Ir. Ang Liang Ang an Architect from the Public Works Agency of Cipta Karya Field based in Makassar.

The great interest of the society to enter and study at the Department of Architecture, then the administrator must work extra to find lecturers from various institutions as honorary lecturer, either Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Architect. Some of them are from non-architecture disciplines. This condition can facilitate the teaching and learning process that serves more than 100 students and lasted until 1965. The further decline caused by several factors, including:

  • Condition Situation after the G30S period is very felt impact on the world of education, especially colleges.
  • Mutation Head of the Department to Jakarta, although then there is a replacement his presence in essence still cannot solve the problem, as well as experienced honorary lecturer staff who transferred out of Makassar city.
  • The Increasing number of students from year to year caused a shortage of lecturers.

In 1969, the difficulty of lecturers began to overcome with the presence of permanent lecturer Department of Architecture, namely Mr. Ir. J.S.G. Undap, A. Mappakateteng E. Sulolipu, Drs. Rudy Makalew followed by Ir. Winardi Soekowijono in 1973. From that time, the lecturers each year increased, until 2016 the number of permanent lecturers amounted 29 people who qualified Professors 3 people, 13 Doctor (S3), 13 (S2) Masters. Four Of the 13 lecturers of Master qualifications while attending S3 education at Hasanuddin University.

Rector of Hasanuddin University Prof. Dr. A. Amiruddin and Dean of the  Engineering Faculty Ir. Samuel Sangka, in 1973 initiated the cooperation of Unhas-UGM, which gave education opportunities to the candidates of Architecture Department lecturers as many as 4 people (respectively: Abd Halim Meru, Abd Latief AM, M. Thamrin Baso and Ambo Enre) which in 1978 has paid off with their return to add teachers to the Department of Architecture.

UGM Package Program in 1976 with the procurement of guest lecturers and sending students to UGM Yogyakarta, after waiting for 16 years precisely on October 17, 1979 Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering Unhas managed to remove 5 the first alumni. From 1963 until now the Department of Architecture has graduated more than 2200 people with Bachelor of Engineering (S.T).

The Learning system applied to Architecture Study Architecture is SCL (Student Center Learning) with this learning system, then the process of completion of the study in Architecture Study Program consists of 2 lines:

  • The design system is the completion with the design process in the Final Studio.
  • Research system is a completion of study through research can be done in the laboratory. Laboratory in Architecture Study Program is known as Labo. Labo in Architecture Study Program consists of Laboratory of Architectural Design, Laboratory of Building Science and Technology, Laboratory of Material, Structure & Building Construction, Laboratory Housing Design & Environmental Settlement Environment, Laboratory of Theory, History & Architecture Behavior.

Since 2005 until now Architecture Study Program has earned Accreditation "A" from BAN-PT.