Programme Specification

Awarding body/Institution : Hasanuddin University
Teaching Institution : Faculty of Engineering
    Architecture Building, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering Campus
    Jalan Poros Malino km. 6 Bontomarannu, 91271 Gowa - Sulawesi Selatan
    E-mail address:
Accreditation Agency : Accredited 'A' by BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board) since 2005
    Latest accreditation period 2016-2021
Title awarded : S.T. (Sarjana Teknik/Bachelor of Engineering)
Programme title : Architecture Study Program
Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) : Graduates are expected to be able to: 
  1. To internalise the values of religion, human rights, and Pancasila in the profession.
  2. To demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of basic knowledge that supports architectural or structural design.
  3. To exhibit professional skill in architectural works.
  4. To manage architectural works across disciplines.
  5. To demonstrate a good communication of architectural ideas and design through various media.
  6. To apply a comprehensive architectural design based on local context (social, economy, environment, and maritime culture).
  7. To apply the principles of material usage, construction methods, and structural system in building design.
  8. To apply the principles of passive low energy, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly in building design.
  9. To apply a comprehensive theory in conceptual design and architectural research.
  10. To apply architectural design in the context of maritime continent (tropical archipelago, marine disaster).
  11. To demonstrate the capacity to write and defend proposal and report on architectural design or scientific research.
Admission criteria : Prospectus students shall:
  1. Finish high-school (SMA, MA, and SMK)
  2. Pass the university admission test through SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and MANDIRI (see
Programme structure and requirements : Compulsory course 132 credits:
    Elective course 12 credits
    Total course 144 credits
Mode of attendance : Full-time