Vision, Mission, Aim


The vision is to be a center of education, research, and community service in the tropical Nusantara archipelago architecture which nationally excels and internationally recognized with maritime culture.


The missions are:

1. To educate students to be prospective architects who understand the profession that always maintains commitment to development of the architecture tropical Nusantara archipelago,

2. To improve the quality of graduates who are ready to develop into intellectual community members who are able to achieve the highest degree of science,

3. To produce graduates which have the ability for independent living. 


The aims of Architecture Study Program (ASP) is to produce a Bachelor of Architecture who can apply the architectural knowledge and skills, as well as communicating the ideas in the design, development, and post-development process. Thereof, the graduate of ASP is expected to work as an architectural practitioner, contractor/builder, policymaker in the architectural field, project manager, a housing developer, building performance analyst, and architectural researcher.