Organization Structure

Architecture Study Program is the part of the Department of Architecture, while the Department of Architecture becomes the part of the Faculty of Engineering Hasanuddin University headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering assisted by Vice Dean I in the field of Education, Vice Dean II in Finance and Vice Dean III in the field of Student Affairs.

The Architecture Study Program is headed by a Chair of the Study Program who is also the Chair of the Department of Architecture. The Architecture Study Program has 5 (five) research laboratories, namely Laboratory of Building Science and Technology, Laboratory of Material, Structure & Building Construction, Laboratory of Architecture Design, Laboratory Housing Design & Environmental Settlement Environment, Laboratory of Theory, History & Architecture Behavior. All lecturers are incorporated in the five research laboratories. In addition, there are 4 (four) Educational Laboratories, namely: Laboratory/Studio of Final Project, Laboratory/Image Studio, Laboratory of Surveying and Mapping, and Laboratory Computerized Architectural Design & Simulation.