Doctor of Architecture

The phenomenon of climate change and the development of social, cultural, economic and physical environment conditions need to be anticipated and adapted in our paradigms and behavior. The disasters of development in the form of degradation in the quality of occupancy and the unsustainability of building functions and the quality of their environment require understanding of the root of the problem and its mitigation based on philosophy, theory, principles and models of Science, Technology, Art and Culture (IPTekSB) the field of architecture and the planning of the built environment, which is deep, holistic, humane and ecological. The growth and development of a variety of architectural works and bianan environmental planning, both designed and planned by architects and planners, as well as by non-architects with a variety of knowledge and experience respectively, has produced both works that are useful or that damage human life and the quality of the environment. . The Labo Bassed Education (LBE) method which refers to a research road map oriented to the development of applied IPTekSB is expected to be efficient in time, energy and cost, will effectively produce scientific works that are recognized nationally and internationally, and which will produce scholars who graduate timely, and who have a set of abilities to act smart, creative, wise and wise in new discoveries, science and technology innovations including theories, models and concepts in the field of architecture and planning that are anticipatory and adaptive to various changes.