Learning Outcomes

1. To internalize the values of religion, human rights, and the Pancasila in the profession.

2. To exhibit an understanding of basic knowledge that supports architectural design comprehensively.

3. To manage the criteria of professional works.

4. To lead and coordinate architectural works across disciplines.

5. To demonstrate a good communication of architectural ideas and design through various media.

6. To apply a comprehensive architectural design based on local context (social, economy, environment, and maritime culture)

7. To apply the principles of material usage, construction methods, and structural system in building design.

8. To apply the principles of passive low-energy, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly in building design.

9. To apply a comprehensive theory in conceptual design and architectural research.

10. To apply the architectural design in the context of maritime continent (tropical archipelago, marine disaster).

11. To demonstrate capacity to write and defend proposal and report on architectural design and scientific research.