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Karakteristik Ruang Berkumpul Informal Mahasiswa (RBIM) Fakultas Teknik Di Kampus Gowa


The purpose of this study is: 1) What are the characteristics of Student Informal Gathering Room (SIGS) in the Faculty of Engineering, and 2) What attributes are felt by students in the Student Informal Gathering Room (SIGS). To get the results of the research purposed applied qualitative research methods with purposive sampling techniques. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires to students, in-depth interviews and mapping behavior with place-centered maps. The results of the study is the closeness of the gathering place with the main activities of students in the teaching and learning process which is a characteristic of SIGS found on the campus of engineering faculty at Gowa campus. While the environmental attributes felt by engineering students at SIGS are accessibility, comfort, sociality, visibility, and activities.