Department of Electrical Engineering, as part of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS) Makassar, established in 1963. The campus that time still located in UNHAS Baraya. The main mission of the establishment of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the time was to give an opportunity to the people from the region to pursue higher education in order to meet the needs of experts in Electrical Engineering.

Department of Electrical Engineering curriculum initially only a single curriculum in some subjects. The curriculum is undergoing changes and developments since 1963, including the transition from Bachelor Program, the six years of Graduate Program, the Undergraduate Program and Diploma, which is known today. In 1980, at age 17, due to the insistence of employment and student, the curriculum of the Department of Electrical Engineering was divided into 2 (two) sub-study programs Sub-Program Electrical Power Engineering (Teknik Tenaga Listrik) and Telecommunications Engineering and Electronics (Teknik Telekomunikasi dan Elektronika).

In 1985, the Faculty of Engineering campus moved to UNHAS Tamalanrea. Department of Electrical Engineering occupies the third floor of the building of the Faculty of Engineering, and part of the building of Heavy Laboratory. At that time, the procurement of new laboratory equipment was also carried out. During the ten years from 1986 to 1996, Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering UNHAS obtain the Acceleration Project Engineer (Proyek Percepatan Insinyur), which aims to improve the productivity of graduation.

In accordance with the provisions of the National Consortium as outlined in the curriculum in 1995 (later modified slightly in 1997) Department of Electrical Engineering experienced a division into 3 (three) sub-study programs, namely:
1. Sub-Study Program of Electrical Energy Engineering (Teknik Energi Listrik)
2. Sub-Study Program of Telecommunication Engineering (Teknik Telekomunikasi)
3. Sub-Study Program of Computer Engineering, Control and Electronics (Teknik Komputer, Kendali dan Elektronika)

Every 5 (five) years since 1995, The Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering, University of Hasanuddin Makassar always revised the curriculum. The curriculum lastly used was the Curriculum of 2010, which prepared the format of competency-based curriculum. In the 2015 curriculum, competency based curriculum has been developed to be based Curriculum Research and Development Laboratory in accordance with the concept-based Education, which was developed by the Faculty of Engineering UNHAS since the construction of new campus in the former land of Gowa Paper Factory.