As an academic institutions in the field of geology that exist in a strategic position in eastern Indonesia, Department of Geological Engineering UNHAS has always been consistently participated in the development of Higher Education in this area as reflected in the Vision and Mission of the study program. To support these efforts, Geological Engineering Study Program has made a strategic move by improving the qualifications of teaching staff through the doctorate program, the development of learning facilities with the construction of a new building equipped for the latest facilities in Campus Gowa, improved management of academic services through a range of capacity development programs and encourage cooperation partnerships with domestic and foreign institutions.

This strategic move is the manifestation of our essential participation in the science and technology development in the field of geology. We are also consistently producing graduates with the aforementioned characters on the excellence fields of mineral resources. This is reflected in the productivity of this institution which has produced around 1200 graduates in undergraduate S1 (2015), the dominance of graduates working in the industrial sector mining (38%) followed by civil servants (28%), Oil and Gas industry (5%), State Owned Enterprises (4%) and others (25%).

Finally, I hope this geology study program website can provide information and benefits to all parties as well as a measure of the development of our institution.