Geological Engineering Study Program of Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) is principally the development of the Geology Department of Engineering Faculty of Hasanuddin University. Geology Department of UNHAS was opened to support the Principal Scientific Roadmap (PIP) of UNHAS, which is Marine/Maritime Continent.  Based operationally by the licenses of decree, Rector of the University of Hasanuddin No. 1665 / E / 1977, Geology Department as Sub-Section on Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science and Technology. Based on this decree the academic activities began on the Academic Year of 1978 for the Bachelor Degree education. Subsequently in 1981 the department stands out as a separate department for education as an undergraduate degree of Strata 1.

The development of Science and Technology Faculty into the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA) and the Faculty of Engineering had pushed The Geology Department to join the Faculty of Engineering of Hasanuddin University in 1983 to complete a Bachelor education level (S1) and transferred to a Geological Engineering Department. A year after joining the Faculty of Engineering, to coincide with the completion of the construction of a new campus in Tamalanrea UNHAS, tthe academic activities was fully moved Into the new campus from the old campus Baraya to Tamalanrea campus in 1984. Currently geological engineering study program of UNHAS have been accredited as A category by SK BAN-PT No. 1632 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / S / VIII / 2016.

To support the development of Unhas Maritme Continent Roadmap for the management of mineral resources and specific field of energy, especially in eastern Indonesia, as well as resources supporting the teaching staffs, in 2004 the Department of Geology started to develop based on study program (Prodi), the opening of the Mining Engineering Department with the operating license of Higher Education by Decree No. 2380 / D / T / K-N / 2004 dated March 9, 2004. With the opening of the Mining Engineering Department, then automatically the Geological Engineering Department has two study programs, namely Geological Engineering study program (S1) and the Mining Engineering Study Program (S1). With the support of teaching staff and considering the market needs, the development of the Department continued in 2012 with the opening of courses for Master of Geological Engineering by the operational decree of DIKTI No. 11858 / D / T / KN / 2012 dated May 10, 2012. Supported by more complete laboratory infrastructure, the development of the study program continues with the opening of Doctoral Degree Program focus on Earth and Environmental Technology. The operational license of Higher Education Higher Education 515 / E / O / 2014 dated October 16, 2014 is official. Thus the Department of Geology has been managing four study programs namely Geological Engineering (S1), Mining Engineering Department (S1), Geological Engineering Department for Masters (S2) and Doctoral Degree Program of Earth and Environmental Technology (S3).

Along with the completion of the Modern Engineering Faculty Campus of Hasanuddin in Gowa and the changing status of UNHAS becoming a State University Legal Entities, the academic activities in Geological Engineering Study Program of UNHAS was carried out fully in the new Campus Gowa (2016) with the status under the Department of Engineering Geology along with Master Program of Engineering Geology (S2) and Doctoral Degree Program of Earth and Environmental Technology (S3).