Vision, Mission, Objectives, Targets

VISION: "Becoming the center of education, research and development of qualified and professional geoscience and technology in the context of maritime continent in 2030"


1. To develop a graduate empowerment program in the utilization of energy and mineral resources, geological engineering, environment and natural disaster mitigation.

2. To prepare qualified and professional graduates, with integrity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in geological resource management inspired by maritime continent mindset.

3. To improve the mutual and beneficial relationship in cooperation with government and industry on a national and international level. 4. To take an active role in developing science and geoscience technology both nationally and internationally.


1. To realize graduates of geological engineering bachelor degree with expertise and high professionalism, high integrity, innovative and creative in the field of mineral resources exploration, geology and environmental engineering as the implementation of the professional concept of tectonics, paleoclimate and geo-biodiversity.

2. To realize graduates of geological engineering undergraduate degree with the competency in the field of their expertise independently and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

3. To improve laboratory management that supporting education, research and service functions.

4. To establish a center of scientific and engineering research in the field of geology that can support sustainable development.

Strategic Goals

1. Improving the quality of graduates by improving the learning process, learning instruments and input of new students.

2. Developing the quality assessment system that is more oriented to the outcome with the principle values ??of the local culture with a competence-based maritime continent.

3. Increasing the competence of lecturers and laboratory staff through training, research and writing scientific articles.

4. Synergizing human resources with laboratories and science and technology development as well as the needs of stakeholders.