Environmental and Engineering Geology Laboratory

Development is primarily a series of continuous efforts made to achieve a level of life of a prosperous society. Along with the rapid development and the beginnings of improvement in all areas, whether industrial, trade and tourism will certainly be accompanied by the development of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, offices and so on.

To support this development, the necessary data and information, among other engineering geologic and geohydrology data. Data and information engineering geology and geohydrology can be obtained by mapping and geological investigation techniques and geohydrology.

Geology Laboratory of Engineering and Environmental Geology Laboratory previously known technique is the combination of Lab. Geological Engineering, and Lab. Geohydrology. And this time the importance of Environmental Geology for integrating engineering science and geohydrology. Laboratory serves fields of study above, and testing of the engineering characteristics of the soil, rock and water. Geological Engineering and Environmental Laboratory are very important in supporting various functions Tridarma universities, namely:

Education Section: Provides engineering knowledge in the field of engineering and environmental geology and hydrogeology with multiple testing using test equipment, both in the laboratory and test equipment in the field.
Part Research: Conduct tests of both the samples taken from the field or directly in the field testing in the fields of engineering and environmental geology and hydrogeology.
Section Dedication to the community: Provide technical services in the field of geology and environmental engineering and hydrogeology to issues in the community such as the problem foundations, ground motion, groundwater, water pollution and soil, natural disasters other geological and geological problems and environmental engineering and hydrogeological other.

Equipments : Rock Triaxial/Uniaxial Compression Machine; Dutch Cone Penetrometer; Point Load Test Apparatus; Schmidt Hammer; Programable Oven; Piezometer and Pressure Transducer; Compaction Test Set; Open-channel flowmeter; Compaction Test; Consolidation Test; Dyanmic Cone Penetrometer; Direct Shear Test; Liquid Limit Test Set; Speedy Moisture Test; Rock Permeability Test.