SM IAGI UNHAS (Student Section of Indonesian Geologists Association Hasanuddin University) was officially formed on May 7, 2014 commencing from the first revelation of the SK management, brother Pagindu Yudha Ginting (Geology UNHAS 09) was the first chairman SM IAGI UNHAS 2014/2015.

SM IAGI UNHAS itself subordinated to IAGI-FGMI (Indonesian Young Geoscientist Forum) structurally, as well as the status of an autonomous body on student organizations FT HMG-UH (Geology Student Association Faculty of Engineering, University of Hasanuddin) as from September 2015.

SM-IAGI UNHAS has a vision of "development of intellect and creativity-based Independence and professionalism of the Scientific towards Global Challenges". And the purpose of the establishment of SM IAGI UNHAS this as an attempt IAGI to prepare the younger generation among the students of earth to become human resources that have the capability to compete in the global world in general, and can help the performance HMG FT UH in the development of knowledge in the field of professionalism scientific geological especially.

Notching the real performance of SM IAGI UNHAS as an organization for the development of science professionalism geology well against IAGI and HMG FT-UH is in the form of media provision of geological sciences in the form of social activity, short courses, general lectures, and seminars both nationally and internationally, which is very quality.

With the SM IAGI UNHAS, it is expected SM IAGI UNHAS able to make a real contribution to all the elements associated with this organization, both against HMG FT-UH, Department of Geology UNHAS, FGMI, IAGI, as well as the whole society appears logical.