AAPG-Chapter Unhas

The development paradigm of thinking at the level of higher education today has given the vastness of the horizon creativity to students. Insan students at universities in Indonesia have been able to develop a personality through a vehicle for student organizations, either pre-existing or organization to be set up with its own purpose. All forms of personal development of students today can be contained in a media-oriented student organizations as well as the scientific development interests and talents. Intellect and creativity of students in the field of scientific and interests and talents can have a positive impact on students and the surrounding environment. For example, in the implementation of intellect and creativity of students in the fields of science, can then be developed a new breakthrough on climate improvement in the environment community education towards scientific professionalism.

Intellectual development and creativity of students can be seen in a particular scientific field. At the University of Hasanuddin, for example, can be seen a wide variety of scientific principles. One of them, namely in the field of geology and geophysics which leads to the insight of geoscience. The basic principles of geology and geophysics about geology is strongly supported by the natural conditions of South Sulawesi complex activity or geologic processes. It then becomes its own potential for students of geology and geophysics, Hasanuddin University in developing a theory of knowledge gained in class to be immediately understood by the actual conditions. With the learning process more interactive objects directly, students can better understand the geology and media student organizations can then be distributed to the wider environment.

By looking at the potential that exists, students of geology and geophysics, University of Hasanuddin initiated to form a student organization oriented disciplines. Organizations that will be formed called the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Student Chapter Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS AAPG SC). Through UNHAS AAPG SC geology and geophysics students are expected to develop the characters themselves are based on scientific professionalism. It can support our students in the future to be better prepared to face global challenges that will come as a human being more mature and able to adapt.

Vision "as a distribution center for students activities based scientific independence and professionalism in the field of petroleum".


Creating a good relationship between the oversight committee and the student chapter in Indonesia.
Increase the intensity of SC Unhas AAPG publications.
Improving the skills and abilities of the members of the AAPG Unhas SC in the field of geoscience especially with regard to the science of Petroleum.
Actively participate in the development of innovation in the field of petroleum that is useful both for members, and the community directly.