The contributions of students in the Tri Dharma of University, one of which is devotion to the community, it is important to provide solutions more clearly answer the growing problem. The contributions of student association is an organization  that is able to bring students mental in a more mature and creative thinking in order to bring this country to the beaten path and equitable and prosperous. Therefore, we of Student Organizations Geological Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Hasanuddin hereinafter called FT-UH OKJTG formulate a work program in the form of activities and policies to achieve these objectives. Besides, the contribution as a cadre agency demands the ability of the organization to be able to form new members who always has a responsibility in carrying values ??and the value of greatness student in geology in the future.

OKJTG FT-UH aims to create a situation in Geological Engineering Department to form the mental attitude of students to get accustomed to the scientific, idealistic, critical, and has the expertise that leads to the professionalism and success of the national education goals and able to provide for continuity kontribusinyata better nation.

Vision: To bring OKJTG FT-UH as a container that is dynamic and character, so as to produce a new member of goal-oriented organization.

Mission: To achieve a creation useful for society, strengthen the organizational culture and loyalty member, played an active role in organizing and following the student activities within the scope of internal and external, and improve interaksisosial with the community.