A conducive academic atmosphere can occur if there is an interaction between lecturer and students, lecturer with lecturer and students with a student. For this to happen the necessary infrastructure and activities that encourage such interaction.

Interactions of lecturer and students built through intensive communication with Geological Student Association in Hasanuddin University to create activities in which lecturer and students together in an activity, such as the orientation of the field geologist (OGL). In terms of facilities and infrastructure, Geological Engineering Department provides funding to the Secretary of Student Affairs intensified the focus on dealing with the student so that more effective management of the study program. Study Program of Geological Engineering seeks to facilitate and support the academic activities is training specific skills, such as workshops and a field trip through the cooperation of the industry, which was organized in the American Association of Geologist Unhas Student Chapter (AAPG SC-UNHAS), Section Student Indonesian Geologists Association (SM -IAGI), Geological Society of Indonesian Economic Development (MGEI). Both activities were carried out in South Sulawesi as well as the activities carried out in other parts of Indonesia. Besides self-development training are also often carried out by the Alumni Association of Geology (Geology Unhas IKA) to students.