Field Geology Campus

The Hasanuddin University Geology Field Camp is open to students from other universities, but space is limited.

Students from other universities must be in good academic standing and also meet the prerequisites

for related courses.

About the Field Camp

Geology Department of Hasanuddin University maintains a rustic camp facility in the Valley of Western Divide Mountain, Barru regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The site has been used for field geology courses since 1980. Hasanuddin University purchased the camp property in 1991and ever since renovated it. Remnants of the old architecture still stand in the new property.

The Hasanuddin University Geology Field Camp opened in 1991 and serves a vital role within the Department of Geology. The field camp gives Geology and Mining students, as well as Geophysical students and other disciplines, the opportunity to take their learning experience beyond the classroom; to explore the complex natural structures and mechanisms which form the blueprint for planet Earth. In addition to its priceless quality as a teaching environment, the field camp also serves as a place for national geoscience Olympic programs.

Contact Information:

  1. Hasanuddin University Field Geology Camp Director Department of Geology Jl. PorosMalino Km. 6 Bontomarannu (92172) Gowa Sulawesi Selatan


 Field Campus of Geology Department, Hasanuddin University

Field Geology Activity, Barru 2017