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Analisis Desain Furnitur Belajar Sekolah Dasar Negeri di Kota Makassar: Sebuah Analisis Antropometrik


The aim of this study were: 1) to calculate deviation between the anthropometric of the pupils and the primary dimension of the furniture used in their schools, and 2) to analyze the body posture of the pupils when they were in the class. The anthropometric data taken for this study were: popliteal length and height, as well as the elbow height while sitting. The primary dimensions of the furniture were the height and weight of the chair and the height of the table. The body posture of the pupils was analyzed by using Ergofellow Software. The result showed that in general the pupils in the state primary schools in Makassar did not study in their ergonomic body posture. The soles of their feet hanging or did not perfectly stride on the classroom floor. Moreover, their trunk did not support by the back rest of the chair and their shoulder tend to push up due to their table that was too high for them, especially in Class I and II level.