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Analisis Postur dan Beban Kerja serta Tingkat Kelelahan pada Pekerja Bongkar Muat Barang


Ten healthy workers were observed in this reserach to idenfy the work postures in container manual loading activities that have a potential to evoke physiological fatigue, and to measure the work burden physiology and subjectively. The work posture were analyzed using Rapid Upper Limb Assessement (RULA) check list, while the physiological burden were calculated by means of the Heart Rate (HR) and the Cardiovascular Load percentage (%CVL). The subjective fatigues were evaluated by the Nordic Body Map (NBM) questionnaire. The RULA analysis result showed that all working activities in the container manual loading activities were fall in the Level-7 and need to be corrected immediately. However, due to the short period of working duration, there were no fatigues spotted in the physiological indicators of the workers where the %CLV were below 30% in average. The NBM analysis revealed that upper legs, shoulders, and hip were the spot that most workers experienced a severe pain.