Welcome Speech

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

By reciting the praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, and the lord's blessing to the great prophet Muhammad SAW, the entire academic community of Ocean Engineering Program Engineering Faculty, Hasanuddin University to welcome you to our website. In the era of information technology development, as well as the website promotion that is quite effective, it is difficult to deny that the existence of a website is very important as a media to disseminate information to students, faculty, and stakeholders in general. The objective of this website is to provide the information to all stakeholders with regard to the vision, mision and purpose existence of the study program. For this purpose, this website is contained with information related to the history of the undergraduate program of Ocean Engineering, vision, mission, goals, human resources, and the development and the activities. Hopefully, through this website will increase the communication between the undergraduate of Marine Engineering Program and stakeholders, and through this communication will obtain feedback from stakeholders so that they can work together and established good partnership. Various activities, departments, study programs and students activities can be published, so that people know the accomplishments have been achieved.

Finally, on behalf of the academic community, we are aware that there are still many weaknesses and deficiencies in http://eng.unhas.ac.id/kelautan website, for the criticisms and suggestions to improve the quality of the web in advance from the audience.


Head of Ocean Engineering Study Program

Dr. Taufiqur Rachman, ST.,MT