Vision, Mission, Goal, Aim

Vision :

Being the center of continuing education institutions featured in science and marine technology with insights of maritime environment.


Mision :

1. To increase the quantity and quality of the university's tridharma sustainably to support community life.

2. To grow the academic atmosphere in the improvement of science, technology and art based on the research of science and technology.

3. To develope a global network capabilities through partnership with educational institutions, government, and industry on a local, regional, national and international.


Aim :

1. To produce graduates who know the competencies in marine engineering so as to implement, develop and/or enrich the marine sciences owned by the world's standard of work, and be able to act and behave as demanded by the norms of public life regionally, nationally and internationally.

2. To produce the professional graduates who are able to follow the development of science and technology which dynamically linked to the demand of development and the business community both nationally and internationally.


Goal :

1. To increase the graduates with a high GPA (> 3.25) approximately 50% and future graduates with timely completion of the study (4.5 years) to 50% within 5 years (2020).

2. To increase the quality and quantity of learning facilities to support learning activities in a period of 5 years (2020).

3. To increase the quality and quantity of lecturers who perform teaching, research and community service with educated of doctoral degree.