Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals

Vision, Mission, Objectives, Goals

Vision and mission of DTL-S1-TL, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, and its objectives, goals, and strategies of achievement are formulated in detail as follows.Vision

VISION of Hasanuddin University

A leading center in Development of human, science, technology, arts and culture based on Indonesian maritime continent.

VISION of Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University

A leading Institution in engineering for global sustainability with the spirit of maritime culture.

VISION of Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University

A leading environmental engineering education center that is sustainable in global network of maritime continent based science-technology.

Mission of Hasanuddin University

  1. Providing a good quality learning places for developing innovative and proactive learning capacities;
  2. Conserving, developing, discovering, dan creating science, technology, arts and culture; and
  3. Applying and spreading maritime based science, technology, arts and culture and for the benefit of Indonesian maritime continent.

Mission of Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University

  1. Developing education, and comprehensive community service, and oriented to the field of engineering research according to the spirit of maritime culture; 
  2. Producing knowledgeable and critical thinking engineer who master the advanced technology, and capable of creative and innovative work;
  3. Building a leading center in engineering through an international partnership for sustainable development;
  4. Spreading a proper technology to improve quality of life and to maintain sustainability of natural resources.

Mission of  Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University

  1. Improving the quantity and quality implementation of Tridharma of University in a sustainable manner to support the community life; and
  2. Creating media dan academic atmosphere in improving the knowledge and research based technology and maritime based science-technology.

Objectives of Hasanuddin University

  1. Producing the noble scholars; and
  2. Advancing, developing, applying and spreading science, technology, arts and culture for the benefit of Indonesia and world society.

Objectives of Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University

  1. The graduates have balanced competence between excellence in science and engineering skills that link-n-match with the demands of the world’s advanced of engineering and manufacturing industries  in the specific insights of the maritime continent's environment;
  2. The graduates from undergraduate have balanced competence between the skill of  cognitive, psychomotoric, and affective, and the graduates from postgraduate have excellence in critical thinking, creative, innovative in working in the field of engineering according to the international standard employment demands.
  3. The leading national and international Development partnership in multidisciplinary education and engineering research; and
  4. The development of education and intensive research for sustainable development faces the issue of global environmental degradation.

Objectives of Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University

Producing professional environmental engineer skilled in planning, designing (system, building, structure), implementing, and managing in the field of:

  1. Raw water supply;
  2. Drinking water;
  3. Wastewater;
  4. Sanitation;
  5. Solid waste and Hazardous material;
  6. Disaster;
  7. Green Open Space;
  8. Noise and vibration; and
  9. Air pollution.

Objectives of Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University described as follows :

Producing Graduates of Environmental Engineering Program FT-Unhas are capable to:

  1. Applying the ethics and responsibility of profession in  social life (related with mission no.1).
  2. Mastering and applying the basic concepts and principles of science in the field of  Environmental engineering in the works (related with mission no.1).
  3. Adapting to the development of science and technology in the field of environmental engineering (related with missin no.2).
  4. Applying the up-to-date developments of science and technology in the field of maritime continent based environmental engineering (related with mission no.2).
  5. Applying the technology in preventing, controlling, and recovering environment (related with mission no.2).
  6. Interacting effectively with public and stakeholder of environmental engineering both nationally and internationally (related with mission no.3).
  7. Identificating and analyzing the environmental problems in social life (related with mission no.3)

Goals and Strategies of Achievement supported by complete documents that have been established through approval mechanism both at department, faculty, and university, such as:

  1. Strategic plan of Department, Strategic plan of Faculty, Strategic plan of University;
  2. University status;
  3. Academic Rules;
  4. Standart Operational Implemention of university, faculty, and department;
  5. The Documents of Curriculum in 2011 and 2016;
  6. The Documents of Internal Quality Assurance;
  7. The Documents of Research, Community Service, and Scientific Writing; and
  8. The Documents of RKAT, cooperation, student affairs, and student achievements.

To achieve objectives to realize the vision and mission of DTL-S1-TL Faculty of Engineering of Hasanuddin University therefore been set some goals to be achieved. The goals is:

  1. The graduates with quality of education and knowledge with high average GPA score > 3.5 with timely study period.
  2. The graduates have good soft skill,  good English skill, able to use software that relevant to the field of environmental engineering (EPANET, VISUM, VISSIM, AUTOCAD, ARC-GIS, QUANTUM GIS, SPSS, Minitab 16 statistical software, dan IVEM), and have a good social spirit, especially to the environment.
  3. Improving the quality and quantity of lecturers in teaching, researching, and servicing for society.
  4. Cooperating between DTL-S1-TL Faculty of Engineering of Hasanuddin University with domestic and foreign universities, Government Business Enterprises (central and local government), private companies, regional and national professional associations, become active companion for the city government and other related agencies in technical assistance efforts related to evaluate and monitor, and environmental assessments.
  5. Spreading/Socialicating the vision, mission, and objectives of department done through various media, such as catalog books distributed to students and lecturers, environmental engineering department website, and other official documents. With the socialization is expected all academy civitas know and understand it, so every activity has obvious objectives and directions that is to realize the vision of the study program.