Laboratory of Water Quality

The quantity and quality of water used in every day plays an important role in order to support and improve the degree of human health. Water is one of the basic human needs in various activities. Good quality or water quality is very useful for human survival. Human activities in daily life can cause water quality to decrease or become contaminated so that water can not be used again as expected.
The laboratory is where scientific research, experimentation, measurement or scientific training are conducted. Laboratories are usually created to enable the conduct of scientific research, experiments, in a controlled manner. The laboratory is a place where trials and investigations are conducted. In education in environmental engineering program, laboratory activities are an integral part of teaching and learning activities, especially those related to water quality and pollution. There are four reasons for the importance of laboratory for student activities. First, the lab improves learning motivation to learn something. Through laboratory activities, students are given the opportunity to satisfy the urge of curiosity and want to be able. Second, the lab develops the basic skills of experimenting. Third, the lab becomes a vehicle for learning a scientific approach. Fourth, the practicum supports the subject matter. From these activities can be concluded that the laboratory can support students' understanding of the subject matter.
Water Laboratory Practicum Module

Equipment / Laboratory Instrument

Instruments Name


AAS Shimadzu brand

-Metal analysis on water, wastewater, solid, air and water bodies

Spektrofotometer UV-VIS

-Analysis of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phhophare, etc.

Acid Cupboard

-Acid-base Reaction place

pH Meter

-pH analysis

Sample Refrigerators

-Sample Sites

Analytical Balance

-Sample Scales

Neraca Kasar

-scales sample


-BOD Incubator place


-Analysis of water levels, TSS etc.

Turbidity meter

-Analysis turbidity


-Color Analysis

DO meter

-DO Analysis

Flow meter

-Measure the flow rate

Water Sample

-Water sampling


-To store materials that must be free of water


-magnetic stirrer

Mortal and Patie

-Smooth the substance that is still solid

Evaporating Dish

-As the solvent evaporation container

Hot Plate

-To heat the solution


-Separate and precipitate solids from solution


-Cooling the substance

Petri dish

-To spawn cell


-to see and recognize enda2 cell renikebiakkan


-Place to make solution

Distilled Pump

-For distillation solution

Beaker glass

-To store and make a solution

Glass Funnel

-To insert and remove the solution


-For titration

Measuring Glass

-To measure the solution volume

Measure Pipett

-To measure the solution volume

Filler (rubber suckers)

-To suck solution

Test tube

-To reacting two or more substances