Laboratory of Air Quality and Noise

Environmental problems such as noise and air pollution caused by the increase in the number of vehicles in Indonesia, especially in eastern Indonesia today is increasing. For that, we need a fundamental effort in order to solve environmental problems and provide solutions comprehensively. In this case, the necessary activities of analysis, evaluation and mitigation of problems accurately by using high level technology instruments, and others. In that context, the needed laboratory that focuses on service troubleshooting the noise and air pollution. The availability of hardware and software (hardware & software) has encouraged the formation of Education Laboratory Air Quality and Noise in Environmental Engineering Program at the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering UNHAS. Expected by the operation of Educational Research Laboratory Air Quality and Noise now and in the future could provide an important and significant contribution in structuring and pengedalian environmental problems, especially air quality and kebisisngan sustainable, efficient, Safety, and environmentally friendly in eastern Indonesia.

1. Practical Air Quality

      Tools and materials :

      - Car Air Laboratory Unit

      - Sensor 7 Air Component

      - Recorder Sensor

      - Laptop with DEMS Program

      - Application Wikimapia

      - Stopwatch

      - Cameras

      - Step Down Transformer

    Air Quality Guidance Module Practicum


2. Noisy Practicum

    Tools and materials :

      - Sound Level Meter

  1. 1 Set SLM 2250 Hand Analyzer Light
  2. 1 Set SLM TM 103

     - Laptop with Sound Level Meter application Rev-01

     - Calibrator

      - Stopwatch

      - Tripod

      - Speed Gun

      - Camera

      - Umbrella

      - Seat

Practical Guidance module Noisy