Raboratory of Environmental Sanitation and Waste

Problems sanitation and waste can never be separated from the life of modern society, the rapid advancement of civilization affect the pattern of life to people's consumption patterns, it is directly proportional to the waste generation, facilities and infrastructure that is needed and recovery of waste for society. This laboratory is an educational and research laboratories where students will study Environmental Engineering courses related to sanitation and waste requires a laboratory that will be the place of implementation of the theory gained while attending the course. Laboratory environmental sanitation and waste is basically divided into two parts, namely the micro analysis, where students practice techniques to determine the characteristics, density, volume, pH, OD and COD litter the field (in situ) or in the laboratory. Macro analysis section is the next section where students practice techniques to solve problems of environmental sanitation and waste management by using computer software.

Practical Guidance Sanitation and Waste

Equipment / Laboratory Instrument

Name Instruments



Chlorine Meter

RC-24PF TOA DKK Made In Japan

-Used to determine the content of chlorine in the water

Turbidity Meter

TB-25A TOA DKK Made In Japan

-Used for purposes of analysis, turbidity or solution.

PH Meter

HM-21P TOA DKK Made In Japan

-Used to determine the content PH

DO (dissolved oxygen) meter


-DO is used to determine the content of water in the field

COD Analyzer


-COD is used to determine the content of water or fluid field

Dekstop PC

Core i3

-Data storage and processing