1. Establishment of Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (EEAA) UNHAS

PS-S1-EE first graduated its alumni in 2013, and until 2016 the number of PS-S1-EE alumni has amounted to 195 alumni.PS-S1-EE does not have its own Alumni Association to accommodate alumni of EE until 2016. All alumni activities of EE are still in synergy with Engineering Alumni Association (EAA UNHAS) and Alumni Association of Civil Engineering Unhas (AACE UNHAS), this is because PS -S1-EE is still under the care of the Department of Civil Engineering.However, in October 2017, Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (EEAA)was established along with the change of PS-S1-EE status to the Department of Environmental Engineering in accordance with the Decree of Unhas Rector No. 21492 / UN4.1 / KL.06 / 2017.The establishment of EEAA begins with the formation on October 8, 2017 at Hotel Arthama Makassar consisting of 5 alumni representatives from each generation who have graduated (starting from 2009-2013). The head of the selected formatures is the first graduate of Environmental Engineering from generation 2009. The formation of EEAA UNHAS has been reported and has been approved by EAA UNHAS, and now it is just waiting the decree for the Formation of EEAA UNHAS.

  1. Inauguration of Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (EEAA)


3. Activity of Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (EEAA)

 In order to increase students' academic insight, EE alumni facilitate the implementation of guest lectures and workshops in the provision of speakers related to alumni workplacesfor example the speakers from State Minister for The Environment in Province, Regional Environment Agency (REA) of Makassar City and lecturer from ITS. This activity is carried out in the framework of BOPTN study program development activities. In addition, PS-S1-EE invites EE alumni to attend an Academic Dialogue that is held every semester.

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