Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Welcome to the new Campus Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University in Gowa.

By age of 56 years, this department has produced many graduates with expertise in mechanical engineering. Distribution of alumni up to foreign countries are making the spirit of Solidarity Forever persists and continues to be triggered and accelerated. Mechanical engineering (ME) students of Unhas are able to compete globally. Asean Economic Community becomes a formidable challenge. Currently, ME students are motivated, so it appears from the students' hard work to face the International Challenge. It is supported by the SCL (Student-Centered Learning) Learning System and LBE (Laboratory Based Education) Method.

ME Program was established on 10 September 1960 field study of Energy Conversion, Machine Construction, and Metallurgy, with Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral Degree. Engineering faculty has a new campus in Gowa. Gowa campus has a beautiful atmosphere, which is a new campus for the Mechanical Engineering Program, making an increase in the quality of learning. This is reflected by a decrease in Student DO (drop out). Finally, Welcome to Our Website.

Solidarity Forever