Department of Mechanical Engineering manages three courses namely Mechanical Engineering Program for Undergraduate level, Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering, and Doctoral Degree of Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering (ME) Program was established on 10 September 1960 and have a rank/value last accreditation is  "A" (highest) based on the decision of the National Accreditation Board - (BAN-PT) No. 0931/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/III/2017. 

ME Program currently has 28 faculty members with 4  Professor with competence and expertise in three (3) areas of study which are Energy Conversion, Mechanical Construction and Metallurgy. In addition, It has support from modern campus in Gowa with advanced laboratory facility that strongly supports the process of learning and implementation of Labo-Based Education (LBE) and technology development through the center of technology (CoT)