Central Library in Hasanuddin University is located in Tamalanrea campus consists of two floors and covering an area of approximately 6000 m2 with 516.000 collections of books, script, thesis, dissertation, research report, magazine, journal, electronic journal and other scientific publication. All students and lecturer staff have facility to access the library facility online using special password in The library has a strong cooperation with other library also provide online access to some reputable publisher such as springer. The number of university library staffs is 32, including 14 administrative staffs.Faculty library is located in Central of Student Activities (CSA) Building in the 2nd and 3rd floor in Gowa Campus with total area of 4945 m2. The faculty library is equipped with a central computer room and two lecturer theater room.

Apart from these two central library’s facility, GESP also has its own library facility in the 2nd floor of GESP Building with approximately covering an area of 100 m2. The library provides more than 5000 collection of text book, about 1500 international and local proceeding in geosciences field. In addition the library also provides collection of script, thesis, dissertation, e-book and e-journal in geology and mining field All libraries opened from 08.00 am to 16.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

GESP also provide access to e-library such as,, www.kyushu-u/alumni; staff and students could access a variety of journals and research report that can be used as teaching and learning material and reference.Library visitors are required to fill in a visitor’s log. Continuous improvements to a better access to online resources are on-going.