Sustainability Performance Indicators of Sand and Gravel Mining In Jeneberang River, South Sulawesi

Jeneberang river basin is one of the river in South Sulawesi Provinve that provide multipurpose benefits to the community such as irrigation, source of raw water supply, power plants and sand and gravel mining. River mining can create both positive and negative impacts on social, economic, and environment. Negative impacts due to unmanaged mining will affect the sustainability of the river that is needed to ensure sustainable management of mineral resources exploitation without disturbing the existence of the river in carrying out its function. The main problem is therefore a need od the holistic approach fro knowing indicators performance of mining activities which seeks to decrease environmental impacts associated with river mining while increasing sustainable economic activities.

In this research data collection was using rapid appraisal method and consists of several indicators in four different dimensions namely social, economic, environment and institution. The selected indicators reflect the notion of mining sustainability in the river system and establish through literature study, previous researches, questionnaire and semi structured interviews with stakeholders and field observation.




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