Based on decree of BAN PT, Mining Engineering Study Program of Hasanuddin University currently is on B rate of accreditation.

Mining Engineering Study Program is supported by 10 academic staffs (lecturers) and 1 administration staff. There are 7 lecturers with doctorate qualification, 3 lecturers with master qualification, and 1 lecture continues for doctoral degree at Akita University - Japan.

Mining Engineering Study Program is using LBE (Labo-Based Education) method for its learning system. The LBE method is a learning system based on research laboratories, which are:

  1. Analysis and Mineral Processing Laboratory
  2. Mineral Exploration Laboratory
  3. Geomechanics Laboratory
  4. Hydrology and Mine Environment Laboratory
  5. Mine Planning and Valuation Laboratory

Graduates of Mining Engineering Study Program are working as professional engineers, researchers and educators, mining entrepreneurs, mine managers, and mine bureaucrates. Those graduates are incorporated in Mining Engineering Alumni Organization of Hasanuddin University.

Academic activities of Mining Engineering students currently are conducted in Gowa Campus. In the Gowa Campus, academic activities have been started to be conducted for class of 2012 and the following.