Geomechanics Laboratory

Geomechanics Laboratory is one of laboratories in Hasanuddin University that has equalized accreditation from Rector of Hasanuddin University. This laboratory has management team that consist of Ir. H. Djamaluddin, M.T. as head of laboratory, and Dr.Eng. Purwanto, S.T., M.T. as staff of laboratory.

This laboratory organizes subjects as follow:

Compulsory subjects:

  1. Rock Mechanics
  2. Soil Mechanics
  3. Blasting Engineering
  4. Mining Geotechnics

Elective subjects:

  1. Tunnel Engineering
  2. Underground Mining Stability
  3. Slope Stability
  4. Strengthening and Supporting Technology

Geomechancis Laboratory has several facilities, one of which is model of blasting simulation.