Analysis and Mineral Processing Laboratory

Anaysis and Mineral Processing Laboratory is managed by 2 faculty members: Dr. Sufriadin and Dr. phil nat Sri Widodo.

This Laboratory organizes the following courses:


-Mineral processing

-Mine material characterization

-Processing and utilization of coal

-Extractive Metallurgy

-Laterite ore

-Organic geochemical analysis

-Carbonate rock utilization

The Laboratory Facilities:

-Jaw crusher 1 unit

-Roll crusher 1 unit

-Ball mill 1 unit

-Sieving and shaker 1 set

-Magnetic separator 1 unit

-Shaking table 1 unit

-Water distillation 1 unit

-Carbon-sulfur analyzer 1 unit

-Calorimeter 1 unit

-Furnace 2 units

 Researces conducted within this laboratory are as follow: Studies on Manganese Ores in South Sulawesi, Calcination of Ni-laterite ores, and Characteristics of mineral matter and inorganic elements in coal from South Sulawesi.