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Analisis Pengendalian Persediaan Bahan Bakar Alat Berat di PT. Harmoni Panca Utama, Provinsi Kalimantan Timur


Fuel control inventory is the most fundamental issue for a mining company and very important for a mining process. company has to be able to maintain optimal fuel inventory that the production process can run smoothly to achieve the production target set by the company. Main tank and fuel skid only have 150,000 liters capacity tthat not enough for all heavy equipment fuel need that have average needs about 200,000 liters. this study will be carried out data processing for inventory control using the EOQ and linear programming. Data collected include historical data fuel consumption of heavy equipment per period january until July 2015, heavy equipment specification, fuel purchase order, lead time, and capacity of the main tank and fuel skid. esult show optimum order of fuel was 259, 119 liters per order period with optimal order frequency was 3 times per month, value of safety stock was 13,639 liters with lead time 2 days reorder point was 40, 916 liters. linear programming result show some solutions category taht can be loaded into main tank and fuel skid, there are overburden hauler, loader and grader with maximum volume 149,982 liters: ooverburden hauler ripper and grader with mximum volume 116, 596 liters; loader ripper and grader with maximum volume 83, 509 liters. optimum order based on equipment category show are overburden hauler, loader and grader with optimum order 138, 142 liters, safety tock 11,840 liters and reorder point 35,522 liters; overburden hauler, ripper, grader with optimum order 107,391 liters, safety stock 9, 2015 liters and reorder point 27,615 liters; loader, riper, grader with optimum order 76,916 liters, safety stock 6,593 liters and reorder point 19,778 liters.