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Peran Sektor Pertambangan terhadap Perekonomian Provinsi Sulawesi Selatan


Government of RepublicIndonesia for 2014-2019 period has a priority agenda called Nawa Cita, one of the program is to actualize economic independence by driving strategic sectors of domestic economy. Mining sector is an important sector that contributes to regional development therefore, it has to be managed sustainably. This became basis of this study. Therefore, problem examined was what mining sector of district/city role was toward economy of South Sulawesi.This study used input-output analysis. Those analyses used input-output table data of 2010 in classification of 11 economic sectors and GRDP of 24 districts/cities of South Sulawesiin 2012-2016 which was obtained from BPS South Sulawesi.Results showed that final value of the mining sector in South Sulawesi was Rp9,007,814,000,000, describing role of mining sector as relatively small compared to other sectors. Index value in the forward linkagewas 0.95, this value was bigger than backward linkage index value of 0.88. This value indicated that mining sector was better in encouraging growth in downstream sector. Export base (LQ) indicator showed that East Luwu was superior to other districts. LQ value from East Luwu was 9.39 indicating that mining sector was self-sufficient and able to fulfill its need from its own production. East Luwu was an area that held large role in mining sector in economy of South Sulawesi when compared to other this role was affected due to existence of operated the largest nickel laterite mining company in Indonesia.