Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure of Urban and Regional Development Study Program UNHAS – Undergraduate program

In order to realize the Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Goals, Urban and Regional  Development Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University, arrange the organizational structure that consists of:

  1. The Faculty Senate, the highest normative body within the faculty, had a chairman and secretary and composed of Professors, Head of Study Programs, and eligible representatives from each study program
  2. Leaders of the faculty, consist of the Dean, three Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Vice Dean for Administration and Finance, Vice Dean for Student Affairs. In addition, the Dean was also assisted by UP3K.
  3. Academic Staff, consist of lecturers and education staff.
  4. Administration is organized by the Division of Administration is headed by a head of administrative office and he is directly responsible to the Dean.
  5. Quality Assurance consists of the chairman and the Head of Study who worked directly under Dean.
  6. Head of Study Program led undergraduate program – Urban and regional development. He have the authority to discipline cultivated development including management of teaching staff, curriculum and sustainability of the study itself. Moreover, He also acts as planners, provides guidance, coordinates and evaluates the implementation of educational activities and teaching, research and community service performed lecturers.

 Coordination systems from faculty level to the study program level can be seen in the following figure: