Laboratory and list of the research  facility of Marine System Engineering Program:

1. Computer Center
    Printer A3
    Printer A2
    Desktop PC
    Web Server
    File Server
    Recovery/Backup Server
    Switching Hub
    Xfmea (software)
    Maxsurf (Ship Design Software)
    Shipflow (CFD Software) + Desktop PC
    Parallel Computing System 16 nodes

2. Laboratory of Ship Design & Drawing 

3. Laboratory of Marine Engineering    
    Nozzle Performance Test Unit
    4 Stroke Engine Model
    2 Stroke Engine Model
    Turbo Changer Model
    Car Diesel Engine Model
    Visualization Software for Engine
    Torsional Vibration Apparatus Sprit ring
    Linear Vibration Apparatus
    Portable Tachometer
    Exhaust Gas Analyzer
    Volumetric Fuel Flow Measurement System

4. Laboratory of Heat Transfer    
    Heat Transfer Service Unit
    Combined  Convection and Radiation Tester Unit
    Cross Flow Heat Exchanger Unit
    Temperature Measurement Unit
    Refrigeration Unit

5. Laboratory of Electrical and Control
    Control Logis Unit
    Complete Dissectible Machine Systems

6  Laboratory of Fluid Machinery    
    Basic Hydraulic Bench
    Energy Losses in pipes and Beds Module
    Flow Meter Demonstration
    Serial/Parallel Pumps
    Fluid Function Measurement

Laboratory of Hydrodynamics    
    Towing carriage (max 4 m/s)
    Carriage rails (50m)
    Wave maker (regular, wave height 0.25 m)
    Wave probe equipment
    Signal conditioner
    Wave absorbing beach
    Resistance dynamometer
    Guiding arm
    Ship stability dynamometer
    Ship model propeller dynamometer
    Dummy ship model propeller dynamometer
    Stern tube assembly
    Telescopic shaft
    Distribution gear box
    Static calibration device
    Open water propeller dynamometer
    Wake rake
    Swing Frame Table Meter
    Ship model observation video camera system
    Hoist crane 1.5t

8  Laboratory of Structure and Construction    

    Underwater cutting rods
    Welding Inspection Equipment
    Static Strain Meter
    Switching Box
    Strain Gauge
    Rockwell Hardness Tester digital)
    Brinell Hardness Tester
    Vickers’s(Micro) Hardness Tester
    AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
    Portable Shape Cutter
    Pipe Cutting Machine
    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Painting
    Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Sheet metal folding machine
    Hydraulic Pipe bender
    Hand Pallet Truck